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Mustang takes long way to Manfeild

Otago’s Leon Hallett has journeyed from Mosgiel to Manfeild via Taupo to be part of this weekend’s Super Sprint MotorSport New Zealand Championship event.

Competing in the HVRA Historic Saloon category Hallett’s journey started in the deep south on 6th January.

Towing his ’68 Mustang with a big-block 1972 Ford F150, Hallett reckons he knows every fuel stop along the way.

“We’ve done this a couple times in our F150 and it’s got quite a small fuel tank, maybe 60 litres. We worked out it uses about 30 litres per 100km – so you do stop fairly often,” he said.

With three races on the programme for the 28-29 January weekend, Hallett will be joined by 16 other similar era race cars.

“What we are trying to achieve with the HVRA is getting cars out there in their period specification – how they ran back in the day. The point is to go out and have fun rather than have them sitting in sheds or collections. Each one tells a unique story. We wanted an environment where they could use them – to come out and enjoy themselves.”

Historic & Vintage Racing Association NZ (HVRA) promotes its ‘gentlemanly’ ethos for ‘respectful folks who share a passion for true historic racing’.

The four pillars of the HVRA ethos are: “Respect”, “Authenticity”, “Comradeship” & “Encouragement” or “R.A.C.E”

Series co-ordinator Bruce Dyer says being on the race programme gives them an opportunity to show what the series is about: “New Zealand is home to many authentic historic race cars and a growing number of very well built period replicas. HVRA now provides a nationwide organisation under which owners of these cars can participate in historic racing in true ‘gentlemanly’ fashion.”


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