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Will the real Stig please stand up

Added as a wildcard entry to the M2 Competition Go-Kart event prior to Saturday’s on-track programme, Greg Helleur brought some perspective to the competition he was inserted to upset.

Crew in the RYCO 24.7 V8 Ute series, Helleur was nominated as the ‘Stig’ to challenge the youngster racers at a fun Go-Kart challenge. Instead, he found his view of those up-front become distant, fast.

Involved with the karting careers of Simon and Mitch Evans, Helleur joined the V8 Ute category through opportunity.

“I got involved with ute racing with Andrew Waite. I was working with Andrew Waite’s father and got involved with his and other utes,” described Helleur.

With a few seasons behind him, Helleur reflects on how far the category has come – as they begin a new season at the Taupo Super Sprint MotorSport New Zealand Championship weekend.

“The quality of racing has def improved over the years. We’ve worked hard on that – to get damage bills down. The boys have really stepped up with their driving – massively.”

Hopeful at doing what a Stig does best, Helleur was expecting he could upset a few of the youngsters while they were putting on their own show.

“They are fast – they deserve to be where they are,” he added. “They are seriously fast.”

The RYCO 24.7 V8 Ute is a four-round championship, currently led by Brad Kroef after three successive race wins.


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