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Emma Gilmour, Hayden Paddon, Chloe Chambers, Brianna Morris


The Super Sprint Motorsport NZ Championship is pioneering inclusivity within New Zealand's motorsport landscape. Recognising the importance of broadening participation, the championship is laying down pathways for NZ youth, teenagers, men, and women. With an industry worth two billion dollars, their ambition doesn't stop at mere participation; Super Sprint is collaborating deeply with local councils, high schools, and universities in preparation for the 2024 Championship.


  • Actively creating pathways for a wide range of demographics, including NZ youth, teenagers, men, and women, to engage in motorsport activities.
  • Access to All Areas:

    • Commitment to making every facet of the Motorsport industry accessible, breaking down barriers and ensuring equitable opportunities.

  • Long-Term Focus:

    • Engaging in long-term partnership projects to provide immediate access and sustainably promote inclusivity in motorsport for future generations.


Building strong relationships with local councils, ensuring alignment in objectives and fostering a more inclusive motorsport culture


Working closely with schools, universities and other educational institutions, promoting motorsport education and involvement at various academic levels.

A lot of this relates to George Land, alongside his colleague Beth Jarman, who developed the "Studies in Genius Creativity" in the 1960s. This research aimed to understand the creative thinking processes of exceptional individuals, including Nobel laureates and astronauts. 

Land and Jarman's research discovered that these highly creative individuals often shared specific characteristics and behaviours during childhood.
These included:


  • A sense of wonder and curiosity: They maintained a childlike inquisitiveness, constantly asking questions and exploring the world around them.

  • Imagination and playfulness: They engaged in pretend play, daydreaming, and exploring imaginary worlds with enthusiasm.

  • Independence and a willingness to take risks: They didn't shy away from trying new things, even if it meant facing failure.

  • Persistence and a strong work ethic: They were dedicated to their pursuits and willing to put in the effort to achieve their goals.

Based on their findings, Land and Jarman developed a program aimed to cultivate creativity in children by incorporating open-ended activities, encouraging divergent thinking, and emphasising the value of curiosity and play – key traits where engineers constantly seek new ways to improve performance, pushing boundaries and questioning assumptions.

Supplementary research can be found at:


Pillar 4 - Safety:


Safety stands paramount in the ethos of Super Sprint, acting as a bedrock on which all its other endeavours are built. Understanding the inherent risks associated with motorsport, Super Sprint has enshrined safety as its cardinal pillar, ensuring every initiative, collaboration, and program emphasizes securing participants, attendees, and stakeholders. Some of the areas we are focusing on are outlined below:



  • School Rider Program:

    • Introducing students to motorsport in a safe and controlled environment, laying a foundation of safety from a young- age.


  • Comprehensive Driver Training:

    • Ensuring every driver is equipped with the knowledge, techniques, and reflexes to handle any situation on the track.


  • Collaboration with Local Bodies:

    • Working closely with local authorities to impart advanced driving techniques, promoting safety both on and off the racetrack.


  • School Engagement and Education:

    • Infusing motorsport safety principles into school curriculums, shaping responsible future participants.


  • Global Expertise:

    • Leveraging the expertise of some of the most experienced drivers in the world to refine and enhance safety protocols continually.


  • Holistic Event Safety:

    • From event Health & Safety protocols to honing better driving skills, Super Sprint's commitment to safety is all-encompassing.


  • Development Initiatives:

    • Identifying a plethora of avenues to bolster safety measures in motorsport further.


  • Trust Formation for Safety:

    • Proposing the establishment of a trust dedicated to funding leading safety initiatives. While some projects are already operational, many others are in active discussions at regional and council levels.

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